7 September 2013

Cassie Laine

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Cassie Laine

Cassie Laine 3 Scene Video, 123 Pictures.

Getting her Rocks off
This video has a decidedly softcore feel to it as we follow Cassie while she explores the rocky shoreline. She gets naked inside a small tide pool and then continues walking around naked with some elegant posing against a nice scenic backdrop. Though the scene is not so graphic overall we do get a few very nice close up underside views near the end of this clip.
Branching out
This short interlude shows Cassie posing on a tree branch hanging over the edge of the water. The set did not exactly allow for much action. You might consider it just a moving picture of Cassie posing against a beautiful background.
Clit Hanger
Now on a secluded coastline walkway Cassie poses on top of the wooden railing and gets busy with some finger masturbation. Apparently she doesn't have much of a fear of heights because she is perched literally on the edge of a pretty substantial cliff. Lighting conditions change substantially throughout this clip with all varieties of sunshine, cloudiness and golden reflected light of the setting sun.

Cassie LaineCassie LaineCassie Laine

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